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Welcome to Geek Life Crisis. Who are Steve and Chuck? We have time-traveled to present-day fro the 20th Century (via aging) and now do a comedy podcast. We reminisce about college days while commenting on current geek culture. You'll visit for the geek info, and then we'll yell at you to get off our VR lawns. We are Gen X... in a Millennial World. (Sung to the tune of Madonna's "Material World".)
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Jul 29, 2017

Episode 26 "Dangerous Curves"

It's our 1 year anniversary!  

Chuck and I tell our college camping stories.  Your typical camping stuff: drinking Bacardi 151, drinking Dr. Peppers (the alcohol version), passing out, strip clubs, men holding hands by the fire, a bar of soap covered in pubic hair.  All the reg.

We do geek news about Star Trek Discovery, Harry Mudd, Jonathan Frakes, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Dazzler, Wonder Woman news about a Blackfoot demi-god, and other stuff.

We are happy to present a promo in this episode from "Nerds With Words", a fine podcast you can find on your iTuner device.  Please seek out "Nerds with Words", subscribe, listen, like, rate, review, rinse and repeat.

Early in this ep we thank ashe976, geekgirl89, "Large Marge Sent Us" podcast, and "The podcouple" Podcast, for helping us out on the Adam West Tribute episode. Thanks again for helping with that special episode. 

I hope you laugh listening as much as I did making it.  Please let us know. It will only take a moment to reach out to us on twitter, Instagram, or even review us on iTunes.

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Thanks prisoners, hostages, and friends.

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Jul 15, 2017

"So Much More Than Lily" is a new and timely biography about actress, comedian, writer, editor, and philanthropist; Milana Vayntrub. Author John V. Hamilton comes on our podcast to talk to us about The AT&T Girl now Squirrel Girl, her refugee origins, and her very bright future.

We learn when inspiration strikes you can do anything. I'm talking about John V. Hamilton; his google search for Milana changed his life, and now he's really paying it forward. We hit him with a goofy trivia quiz at the end.  Does he really know everything about Milana?  Oh, and don't mispronounce Milana's name.  It makes John angry.  You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

If you love Milana, if you ever googled her to learn about her background, Chuck and I highly recommend you go to and buy the book, "So Much More than Lily"; the hard copy (they still have those!) or save a couple of bucks and buy the kindle version. (Electronic books... from the future!)

Thank you John for coming on our goofy show.  Write another book and come back!

We also have a quick promo from The Everything Podcast. Please find this fine pod wherever fine pods are found.  And then subscribe, rinse and repeat.

We have a new "outro" at the end, so hang in there for that.  Thank you Ashley from Kentucky! (Ashe976 on Instagram).

Please support Milana's organization and GLOBAL REFUGEE CRISIS media campaign: Can't Do Nothing, #cantdonothing,  This organization was designed to help everyday individuals have a real positive impact and assist refugees worldwide. #CantDoNothing is focused on helping each and every person effect real change in the world.

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